Welcome to Basement

What is our goal? Clearly: your success!

From the idea to the Business

An idea can change the world (you probably know this sentence from the Blue-Ray advertisement)! But not every idea reaches the world! Many ideas fail, even before they really started. Let's be honest: It's just too bad to have some ideas! I'm not writing about ideas that nobody really needs; no, I'm writing about ideas that could solve a problem in a great way! Ideas that could really change the world or make it richer in a good way. In order to implement an idea, you (usually) have to become an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurship is complex! There are important connections within entrepreneurship; a comparison with a jungle would be appropriate here: one does not know what awaits one behind the next bush.


We at Basement have seen how a lack of understanding of the connections between entrepreneurship, a lack of communication or a lack of knowledge about this, unfortunately, nipped super cool ideas in the bud. This is how our burning desire to help others achieve their goals came about. Basement was born out of this desire. 

What´s in it for you?

Basement has created a company that enables you to successfully start and/or run your own business using unique tools developed specifically for the business purpose because it is built on a healthy and stable foundation right from the start. Everyone at Basement can use professional tools to structure their thoughts, steer them in the right direction, make knowledge accessible for documentation, find guidance, and learn new things. Communication inside and outside the company is brought to a new level with professional and easy-to-understand guidance. Basement is a company that wants to help any start-up founder, entrepreneur, or project manager help themselves.

Your own idea is the focus of Basement and is transformed like the raw diamond from a raw material into a piece of jewelry.


Revolution, what a big word! We are aware of the greatness of this word and still use it, or we use it even more for our purpose! Basement is a revolution! Because business has never been so easy to understand and to implement at the same time!

The advantage you get from our...


Alternative Business School -Basement - E-Learning System

Our structure is the heart of Basement. We call our structure the Entrepreneur Matrix. With this structure you get to know and understand the interrelationships in the field of entrepreneurship.

Important relevant topics are integrated into the structure. This gives you a deep foundation for your business.


Alternative Business School -Basement - Software

Our software is 100% based on our structure. In addition, there are various advantages that arise automatically. Our goal is to develop the best start-up program ever with Basement. In 2020, many more tools will be integrated into Basement. 2020 is our year of beta testing.

Coaching & Consulting

Alternative Business School -Basement - Coaching

Coaching and Consulting is 100% optional with us. This means that it is not automatically included. But - we like to coach! Due to our unique structure we can simply support you! Of course, you can also look for other consultants to whom you can give a consultant access via the software. At coaching we have only one option. You are free to choose the best alternative for you!

Do you want more?

The Alumni community

In our software program you will find our experts who offer you various services. You can also register as a Basement user so that other users can find you.